Bel’Veth is now live in League of Legends

The wrath of the empress will not be ceased.

The Voids ruler BelVeth has graced the Rift with her presence in League of Legends, hoping to mold the very fabric of Runeterra into her vision of perfection.

BelVeth, the Empress of the Void, is now available to purchase in Leagues in-game shop for 7,800 Blue Essence or 975 Riot Points. Her price will drop to 6,300 Blue Essence with the release of Patch 12.12. Players can also now get BelVeth champion shards via chests and level-up capsules, which will reduce the amount of Blue Essence needed to unlock the champion but drop randomly and are not guaranteed to be BelVeth.

Screengrab via Riot Games

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The Empress of the Void and her unique manta ray-shaped body bring a plethora of new mechanics to League, some of which may place her on the ban list for a significant amount of time. She can dash around enemies in quick succession and she does not have an attack speed cap, making it so that her basic attacks are capable of tearing down enemies at a lightning-fast pace.

This champion, designed for play in the jungle, is likely to contest the current meta jungler spots that are held by champions like Wukong and Viego. It is unlikely that she will be played in other roles since many of her abilities provide her with additional damage against jungle camps. It is also unclear whether she will be available to play in professional leagues or if she’ll be banned from those starting up soon for an unspecified time period.

Players can head to the Champions section of the in-game store to purchase BelVeth with their currency of choice. Should players not have access to 7,800 Blue Essence, they can wait until Patch 12.12 to purchase her for 6,300 instead. Her release skin, Battle Boss BelVeth, will also be available in the store for 1,350 RP.

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