Beautiful Star Guardian Rell skin leaked

The popular skin line is expected to make a return this year.

Star Guardian is one of the most popular skin lines in the history of League of Legends, with it receiving three major releases so far. In 2022, it will be updated with even more skins, Riot confirmed at the start of the season

Players can now get a first look at one of the upcoming Star Guardian skins. Today, Big Bad Bear, a notorious leaker, unveiled Star Guardian Rell in a video posted on YouTube.

In the video, Star Guardian Rell is visible in the mid lane, alongside several other champions. The beautiful champion stands next to Ruby Arcade Corki and Tanzanite Odyssey Sona.

Other than the brief clip of the skin, no other details have been revealed. But, with leaks already surfacing, it’s safe to say that the skin is coming to the game soon. The leaker said earlier in the year that players should be in for a “Big Summer Event of 2022.”

There have been three entries in the Star Guardian line. They first hit the live servers in 2016, with champions including Janna, Lux, and Poppy. A year later, champs like Ahri, Ezreal, and Syndra joined the roster. And the line was expanded once again in 2019 when Neeko, Rakan, Xayah, and Zoe received skins.

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