Beast of Prey event goes live with Gun Run, Apex Legends’ first new LTM in 7 months

Let's get on the hunt.

The Beast of Prey event is now live in Apex Legends across all platforms, allowing players to play through the games first truly new limited-time mode since season 13 when Control was first introduced to the game.

There are plenty of new cosmetics and items that players can unlock, both for free and as available purchases, but the star of Beast of Prey is undoubtedly Gun Run. The LTM represents the next step forward for Apex and its LTMs, bringing a team-oriented twist to the traditional Gun Game that still allows players to cycle through the iconic weapons list in the game and prove just who is a master of Apexs full arsenal.

After a flurry of LTMs came to the game in 2020 and early 2021, truly new LTMs ground to a halt following season eights War Games event. Since that event, several old LTMs have returned, many of them with new twists or tweaks to their previous formula. But as far as a completely new type of mode goes, Gun Run will be the first since February of this year. Its also another new mode, similar to Control, that isnt linked to the games standard battle royale mode but puts players in a completely separate Arena with a different set of goals in mind. It could be that Control and Gun Run signal a shift in strategy for LTMs that take longer to bring to the game but do more to fundamentally change how players engage with Apex.

At any rate, its bound to be a popular LTM, with players rushing in to try out a hugely popular FPS mode in the Apex world. And best of all, players dont need to pay a cent to play it.

For those who do want to spend some money during the Beast of Prey event, theres also a new round of skins to be had, featuring futuristic designs that wouldnt look out of place in one of the Predator or Alien movies. And as is usually the case, unlocking every paid event cosmetic will allow players to get their hands on a new Heirloom: Lobas Garra de Alanza, a deadly-looking war fan for you to slice up your opponents with.

There will also be free prize trackers where players can earn some cosmetics without paying, as well as help with their battle pass progress. And, as is per usual, a special event store will offer deals throughout the event’s duration.

If youre interested in Apexs newest mode or just want a couple of new skins, jump into the Beast of Prey event now. The event and its modes will be live until Oct. 4.

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