BcJ clears the air on ‘misconceptions’ around his health, VALORANT future

The VALORANT star speaks out.

Former XSET VALORANT player Brendan “BcJ” Jensen took to Twitter to clear up the misconceptions about his medical condition and his plans for the upcoming year. 

Riot Games released a mini-documentary about BcJ which talked about the medical condition he has been battling for years. Following the documentary and XSETs denial from the VALORANT Americas franchised league, some suspected BcJ would not be competing due to his medical condition.

BcJ has since confirmed that was not the case though and claims that he is still in great shape and is competing at a top level in VALORANT as well. 

I am and have been in remission for the past 3+ years, said BcJ in a TwitLonger. Not even mentioning that I have been traveling for gaming competitions for over 4 years now. I even won my first LAN in 2018 [Fragadelphia 12 – Battalion 1944] while still talking to doctors to get fully diagnosed correctly.

BcJ is currently the only member from the original XSET squad that has not signed with a new organization yet. The team placed top five at VALORANT Champions Istanbul but BcJ is still left without a team regardless. This lead some fans to speculate BcJ was missing out on opportunities with organizations due to his previous medical history.

In the same TwitLonger, BcJ dismissed these claims, saying he has been seen by multiple teams already. To top it off, BcJ also announced his fans should hear more about his future plans in competitive VALORANT in the near future. 

Some people in my chat have also said that I may be losing out on opportunities because of organizations/teams having concerns and while we may never know the truth behind that I have been looked at by a ton of teams going into next year and you guys should hear what is next for my career soon, said BcJ. 

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