Bang rescues 100 Thieves with the best play of the 2023 VCT Americas season so far

Thanks to a Shorty kill with no time left to plant, bang's one-vs-three brought L.A. to its feet.

In today’s VALORANT showdown between 100 Thieves and Leviatán, one particular player had his parents in the crowd cheering him on. Little did they know their son Sean “bang” Bezerra would come up with the game-winning play of the series, sending the live crowd at the VCT Americas studio in Los Angeles to their feet.

The first two maps were as close as could be, with 100T losing 15-13 on Icebox and winning 13-11 on Haven. The whole series hinged on Leviatán taking the final map of Lotus to overtime. Round 24 started with 100 Thieves up 12-11, but Leviatán quickly managed to get crucial picks as the Thieves sprawled onto Lotus’ B site. A Vipers Pit was quickly put up by Brenden “stellar” McGrath to try and secure the win, but a quick push by Agustin “Nozwerr” Ibarra led to a kill and no more pit.

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Eventually, it all came down to bang in a one-vs-three scenario with very little time on the clock. He needed to either grab the spike, plant it, and kill all three, or kill all three before the clock hit zero. He won the first one-vs-one fight, leaving one opponent to the right of the site hiding near the door and another toward the enemy spawn, holding a tight angle. 

Bang pushed up fast, faking a plant before rushing to the right, where he won another one-vs-one against Vicente “Tacolilla” Compagnon and his Jett ultimate. But as he returned to the site, bang realized he didnt have enough time to plant without Francisco “kiNgg” Aravena walking up to him and shooting him in the head. So, bang took out his Shorty and jumped to Heaven, baiting a swing and two-tapping kiNgg with the sidearm shotgun. Just like that, the one-vs-three was completed, along with the 13-11 map and series win for 100 Thieves.

The live crowd, who had been cheering for 100 Thieves all match long, got as loud as could be. This is easily the best play in the region so far this year and it was crucial to 100 Thieves playoff hopes, giving them a 3-2 record. Plus, in true Hollywood fashion, bangs parents climbed on stage for the post-match victory photo, celebrating both a big win for the team and for their son.

100 Thieves next game is against a familiar foe in NRG Esports on April 29.

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