Baller focus week could potentially start soon in Fortnite

The Baller might be rolling into the spotlight soon

One thing that keeps Fortnite fresh is the constant addition of new challenges and content to keep players engaged. Sometimes Epic Games will feature a specific weapon or vehicle and allow players to earn experience by completing challenges based on it. Now it seems that The Baller will be the latest vehicle from Fortnite to get the spotlight.

According to various official Fortnite accounts, the Baller will become a focus in the coming week or two. The tweet from the Fortnite Middle East account alludes to “Ball vehicle madness,” and the Fortnite French account mentions “bubble rides” this weekend. It could be that players might see a featured week with the Ballers as early as Sunday, if one comes at all.

Players will likely be able to complete challenges with the Baller around Rave Cave, where the vehicle is known to spawn. Challenges may even require the player to ride the Screwballer rollercoaster that wraps around Rave Cave. This would likely make the former base of the Imagined Order a hotly contested POI to land at.

If this will be a Wild Week like previous months and seasons, it may even make Ballers spawn in more locations on the map. Epic has previously increased the spawn rates of weapons during their respective Wild Weeks, so it could be that the developer provides an abundance of new spawns to give players the most opportunity to complete challenges.

While this is all speculation, it seems less than coincidental that two of Fortnite‘s official Twitter accounts would point to the Baller vehicle.

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