Bad timing: Blizzard suspends digital downloads on Warzone 2 launch day

There is no sign of how long this suspension will last.

If youve desperately awaited a chance to get in on the action in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2 but instead have been stuck on the download screen, you could be in for quite the wait.

In a post to social media earlier today, Blizzard announced they would be suspending digital downloads on the Battle.Net launcher. This decision appears to have been made so that they can remedy an undisclosed issue.

The post says the hope is for the issue to be fixed and Battle.Net to be back up and running as usual soon, however, at the time of writing this there has been no shared update regarding the suspension.

While no relation was announced, it would seem that this new issue has stemmed from the influx of players flocking to the launcher now Warzone 2 has been made available. Despite this, the post would suggest that digital downloads have been paused across the board on Battle.Net, pumping the brakes on all the Call of Duty hype.

As youd expect, fans have been voicing their grievances to Blizzard about this hold-up, and in response to those who have requested an update all that has been shared is that the problem is being worked on.

In the meantime, there isnt a whole lot that gamers using Battle.Net can do. Once the suspension has been lifted it will likely be announced in a post to Blizzards socials so make sure to keep an eye out there for any updates.

With any luck, gamers will have the chance to get in on the Warzone 2 action soon.

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