‘Bad math’ fixed, Mech and Anima Squad nerfed in latest TFT Set 8 PBE patch

Hero Augments and bug fixes should shift the TFT Set Eight PBE testing meta.

Several major bugs and balance changes are dropping in today’s Teamfight Tactics Set Eight PBE patch, fixing “bad math” that will nerf Mech and Anima Squad, according to game director Stephen Mortdog Mortimer.

Day two of PBE testing will rock the TFT Set Eight meta following several bug fixes and balance changes. The balance team discovered a bug that was giving multiplicative attack damage percent to traits like Mech and Anima Squad, along with Hero Augments for Syndra and Zed. A resolution for this bug is included in today’s Set Eight PBE patch and it will likely cause huge shifts in the pre-launch Monsters Attack! meta, according to Mortdog

Jax is getting nerfed again, with today’s balance targeting his stacking damage, reducing it from 40/60/100 to 35/50/90. Nilah’s spell will now work with Morellonomicon. The Set Eight champion also received some buffs to her mana and spell healing. And multiple Hero Augments for TFT champions were adjusted in today’s balance patch. 

Multiple balance levers were hit for Viego. His mana was slightly buffed but Viego took nerfs to his spell damage and AOE damage. A bug was also resolved that had Viego not dealing damage to his main target. 

The Ox Force trait had an additional breakpoint of eight added, and a bug for the trait that was affecting the breakpoint of six was also resolved. In conjunction with the Mech bug fix, adjustments were applied to the ability power provided. And Spellcaster was hit with nerfs to ability power given, along with meteor AP ratio. 

Several items were also hit with adjustments following the item and component changes that were applied prior to TFT Set Eight PBE testing. Big changes to watch for include an increase in armor and magic resistance for Gargoyle’s Stoneplate. Giant Slayer’s health threshold was lowered and the bonus AP/AD was increased. And Quicksilver had its crowd control time increased by five seconds. 

The TFT Set Eight PBE patch should go live around 2pm CT today. It’s likely one more big update will take place for Monsters Attack! tomorrow prior to the weekend.

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