‘Average’ Apex Legends players believe the game has become impossible for new players

The new player experience is important.

With Apex Legends coming up on its fourth anniversary, it seems like basically everybody has played the battle royale before. But the fact is that new players are still filtering in, and some of them are finding it quite difficult to enjoy due to the skill ceiling.

The complaints from “average” Apex players were highlighted in a recent thread on the game’s Reddit, with many players echoing the very same sentiment: the game is “awful for new players.”

The original post from a user named TheCyborgKaren explained that they recently invited a friend to play Apex, and that they were “annihilated by players at level 200-plus” as they “joined a game, died rinse and repeat for eight games.”

This sort of thing is to be expected for a game that’s been out for several years and has dedicated, experienced players. New players will often be put through the ringer as they learn the game, but many replies in the thread agreed that the new user experience is rough and clamored for a casual-style playlist.

“I’m basically prevented from playing with any of my friends or my wife,” one commenter said. “I’m OK at the game, which means my lobbies are pretty much unplayable for my friends who don’t play much. It’s pretty much impossible for me to introduce new players to the game.”

Many others pointed out the fact that they felt they were “average” players, but the gap between new players and those who are “average” was massive.

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“I tried to get my mates on here and they just spent the whole time spectating,” the comment said. “They are watching me the whole time and convinced I am a wizard of the game or something. But I assure you, as I assured them, I am bang average. Then I realized how much I have played to get the accolade ‘average,’ damn.”

New players could also take solace in the fact that veteran players find the same sort of experience, though, according to one reply.

“I’m over level 500 and don’t worry, same here,” the top comment on the thread said. “One game out of 10 is really enjoyable, others are just hotdrop from teammates, die, repeat. Loading screens are my main game now.”

At the very least, Apex players of any skill level and playtime should get a ton of practice in learning how to glide as they drop onto the map.

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