Autimatic on what went wrong for EG last season: ‘Everyone had different views on how to play’

The player shed some light on the CS:GO team.

Evil Geniuses’ main CS:GO roster didn’t live up to expectations last seasonand Timothy “autimatic” Ta has suggested a few reasons why.

The 2018 Major champion explained that everyone in the team had a different perspective on how to play the game, which led to clashes inside the squad. Players, including automatic, also didn’t feel comfortable in the environment. “It was definitely a pretty tough time for the team,” the 25-year-old said in an interview with HLTV.

“Everyone had different views on how to play the game,” autimatic added. The player also shed some light on the clash between Stewie2K and coach maLeK, which prevented the team from finding a “common ground” and from getting to “the point where we were seeing the game the same way.”

Autimatic followed by saying the situation undeniably put a lot of pressure on EG, even more so given they were a new roster with three Major champions (autimatic, Stewie2K, and RUSH). This had a negative impact on the players’ well-being. “Even if the stats say that I was playing decent, I didn’t feel very comfortable,” autimatic said.

Thankfully, autimatic is now feeling “more comfortable now than I did before.”

Over the summer break, EG made a series of roster changes to its main lineup and two other squads from the Blueprint project. Stewie2K left professional CS:GO to focus on streaming and EG demoted RUSH and brought in neaLaN and HexT as the replacements.

The team are currently in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they will take part in BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022. They are set to face Ninjas in Pyjamas in the first round of the Knockout Stage today at 9:30am CT.

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