Aussie diver revisits sunken Nautilus statue 6 years later

It has been sulking in the deep for years.

Six years after a Nautilus statue was sunk in the Curtin Artificial Reef off the coast of Brisbane, Australia, a diver has revisited the Titan of the Depths to see how he’s holding up.

An Aussie diver from the UQGQ SCUBA Dive Club posted photos of the sunken champion on Reddit. At the first glance, it’s apparent that Nautilus is covered with something that looks like algae. As the diver explains, this is natural for underwater statues in the Curtin Artificial Reef due to its ecosystem. They added that the statue could become a habitat for various creatures in the future.

Thanks to a community project run by Riot Games called The Nautilus Reef Project, the statue was sunk in Australia in 2016 after thousands of players from Oceania “rallied together to overcome the final challenge of Ocean Week.”

The Aussie diver has visited the statue a number of times over the years, including just a year after it was initially sunk. From looking at the pictures, it’s easy to spot that the status has gradually deteriorated over time.

The statue is a shadow of its former self, but it’s still clearly recognizable as Nautilus. It doesn’t have any rust, and the names of players carved on the statue are still visible.

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