Aurelion Sol’s play rate skyrockets after his rework, but his win rate is suffering

There's a good chance you've seen ASol banned or played in one of your recent games.

Aurelion Sol was the latest League of Legends champion to receive a total gameplay update earlier this week, and like almost all champions who get a rework, Aurelion Sols play rate went through the roof following his overhaul. 

In the few days that have passed since his rework, Aurelion Sol has seen his pick rate in solo queue games jump from less than one percent to 16 percent. The champions rework has turned him into a popular choice for mid laners on the Rift, and the only reason that 16 percent pick rate isnt higher is because of a high ban rate that sits at a lofty 55 percentthe highest among all champions in the game, according to League stats site

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Aurelion Sols 55 percent ban percentage is such an outlier on Patch 13.3 that its nearly 10 percent higher than the next-highest mark (which belongs to Maokai) and 20 percent higher than the third-most banned champion in the game (Kassadin) across all Platinum-or-higher solo queue drafts. For reference, Aurelion Sol was being banned in less than one percent of all games prior to his rework earlier this week. 

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Despite Aurelion Sols climbing play rate and soaring ban rate, the champions win percentage is steadily dropping, especially after the rework hit the live servers. Following the robust overhaul of Aurelion Sols kit, the champion saw his overall win rate on one specific patch drop below 50 percent for the first time in months. Currently, in games being played at Platinum Elo or higher, Aurelion Sol holds a win rate of 49.19 percent, according to This is likely due to an influx of players without significant experience on the champion’s former edition trying out the reworked ASol for the first time in ranked and falling short of victory.

Aurelion has yet to make his mark on the pro scene just yet because Patch 13.3 has not yet been enabled in competitive play. But should these high-Elo trends be any indicator, its possible that the reworked Star Forger could play a major role in upcoming Leagu esports matches. 

Yesterday, Aurelion Sol was temporarily disabled from the League servers due to a few game-breaking bugs being found within his kit. But the issues seem to be resolved and the champion is back online, ready to dominate even more champion selects. 

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