Aurelion Sol’s ban rate continues to go through the roof at all ranks in LoL Patch 13.4


Aurelion Sol is still the most-banned champion at most ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.4

A few days after the update was shipped to the game, nothing has changed in terms of the champion’s ban rate. In Platinum+ ranks, he has surpassed a 60 percent ban rate and currently sits on 62.3 percent, according to a League stat site U.GG.

Aurelion Sol’s ban rate skyrocketed after his rework was added to the game in Patch 13.3. In that update, he boasted another eye-watering ban rate of 59.8 percent, according to U.GG. And it seems like nothing has changed for him in the current patch.

The Star Forger leads the statistic by a huge margin since the second most-banned champion in Platinum+ ranks is Annie, who also received some strong buffs in Patch 13.3 and has since then returned to the meta. As of now, she has a 30.9 percent ban rate.

Aurelion Sol sits at the top of the ban rate tables in most ranks, with one of the few exceptions being Challenger, where Draven and Elise are the first and second most-banned champions at 47.4 and 44.3 percent, respectively.

Patch 13.4 brought a lot of changes to the game, but for Aurelion Sol himself, it only fixed a bunch of bugs here and there. Still, that doesn’t mean the champion hasn’t accumulated a solid win rate. In the mid lane in Platinum+ ranks, he has a 51.45 percent win rate, while he also records a 52.31 percent win rate in the top lane.

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The high ban rate for Aurelion Sol seems natural since many players are often banning a new or reworked champion to avoid them in their games. It remains to be seen whether this stat will drop for the Star Forger or if there are some nerfs required to bring it down a little.

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