Aurelion Sol’s arrival on League PBE delayed due to ‘tech issues’

"The stars were not in their favor."

League of Legends own Star Forger will land on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) client later than players expected. After announcing Aurelion Sols new kit just a couple of weeks ago, Riot Games is now delaying his arrival on the PBE due to some unspecified technical issues. 

Rob Rosa, a Riot game producer on League’s champions team, shared the news of the delay today. He added that the team is working with developers to get videos of Aurelion Sols skins and gameplay to share with players possibly tomorrow. With the delay in place for Aurelion Sols arrival on the PBE, the clips will be used to gain some initial feedback on the champions update. 

While the cosmic dragon will have a new kit of abilities, his visuals and splash art will remain the same. But seeing Aurelion Sols updated abilities through various parallel universes will surely make many players excited. This will especially be the case for his new ultimate ability, The Skies Descend, which will bring a massive star down on the Rift and create an impressive shockwave upon impact. 

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It is unclear whether these changes to the champ’s PBE release schedule will affect the launch of Aurelion Sols polished kit. The cosmic dragons new abilities were expected to reach the League client next month with Patch 13.3, but this might change depending on the scale of the technical issues and the communitys initial feedback.

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