Aurelion Sol’s 2023 LCK Spring Split debut went horribly wrong

It could've been better.

Aurelion Sol made his debut in the 2023 LCK Spring Split on March 3, but it definitely didn’t go as planned.

The champion was picked by Kwangdong Freecs player BuLLDoG in the first game of their series against Liiv SANDBOX. And while KDF won their series with a 2-1 score, the first match was a complete disaster for them, as they got stomped.

Yet, the loss in the first game wasn’t entirely BuLLDoG’s fault. The mid laner did the best he could against the opposing Sylas, and the mid lane had its own, slow pace. Still, Liiv SANDBOX snowballed the enemy bottom lane in the laning phase, and with their mid-game composition, once they got behind the driving seat, they never let it go. Moreover, BuLLDoG’s Aurelion Sol couldn’t do much against enemies’ crowd control tools and was often unable to do any impact in teamfights from the get-go.

Kwangdong Freecs picked different team compositions in the remaining two games and managed to reverse sweep Liiv SANDBOX. They won’t advance to the playoffs, however, as they mathematically have no chance of doing so.

Aurelion Sol received a rework in League of Legends Patch 13.3, and pro players across other regions have started toying with the idea of bringing him to official games. He was featured by Counter Logic Gaming’s Palafox in their game versus FlyQuest, though, he also lost the game.

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Whether the Star Forger will be a viable pick for mid laners in the coming weeks remains a mystery. The champion is set to be slammed with the nerf hammer in Patch 13.5, which will surely impact his strength.

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