Aurelion Sol gets a smashing LoL buff in another dev troll meme

Ascend with memes!

If anything, the League of Legends community excels at two thingscomplaining about the state of the game and creating ingenious memes. After not even a full week in the game, the new and improved version of Aurelion Sol has already gone through a cycle of being overpowered, nerfed, and lastly, memed. 

League lead champion designer August Browning, otherwise known as Riot August, shared an Aurelion Sol meme on Feb. 13 that follows the already iconic formula. In the meme, we see Aurelion Sol casting his new Ultimate spell Falling Star / The Skies Ascendbut with a twist. Aside from the regular comet crash that normally happens when the spell lands, we also see Nautilus landing on the impacted area that soon starts attacking the enemy player.

This meme is a classic in Riot Augusts repertoire, using a formula he has dropped to great response in the past. The lead champion designer that loves playing with game mechanics in the past shared similar memes that have Zyra spawning Nautilus instead of her plants, BelVeth spawning Teemos instead of Voildlings, and Annie summoning Volibear instead of Tibbers

More recently, the designer behind Bel’Veth, Zeri, Jinx, Vi, Ekko, Jhin, Senna, Viego, Gnar, and Kayle has been joking with Jhin and his limited capability to take down Control Wards. 

If youre a fellow meme enjoyer and dont want to miss out on any upcoming meme from Riot August, you can follow him here.

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