Atlas Creative is bringing Alienware’s Defy City to Fortnite

It's on Fortnite now!

While Fortnite started as a tower defense and battle royale game, it has quickly grown to a platform that allows creators worldwide to hose their own worlds and games. Inside Fortnite Creative, teams like Atlas Creative have been able to partner with brands to create some amazing new worlds. The latest comes from the computer brand Alienware, called Defy City.

According to a press release, Defy City will be available on Oct. 15th, when players can log in to the city and enjoy many of the surprises it offers. Some games players can expect will include Low-Gravity One Shot Sniper, Parkour, Free-for-all, and Laser Tag, all allowing players to go head-to-head in this new city.

A promotional image for Alienware's Defy City in Fortnite, featuring two characters in urban outfits with a city of neon behind themImage via Epic Games

After the event goes live, Alienware will be hosting its competitive partner, Team Liquid, who will be streaming from the new city. The level will also be featured within the Epic’s Picks section of the game selector inside Fortnite on Nov. 7. In the months after release and leading up to April 2023, there will be six “episodes” with map design updates and new challenges for Defy City.

For those interested in Alienware’s upcoming products, players can get unique insights into the Aurora 15, a new tower that the company claims is hotly anticipated. There will also be easter eggs hidden around the map, although it’s unclear what those might be.

Players who want to check out the map can do this with the Island Code: 4073-6205-5754

This is just the latest in unique branded designs by Atlas Creative, a team formed to get paid to create new worlds inside Fortnite.

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