Atlanta Reign drops 6 players, including team veterans

At this point, we’re waiting for an Overwatch League team to drop an entire roster at once.

Teams are clearing house more quickly than ever during this Overwatch League offseason. Earlier today, the San Francisco Shock dropped four players and the Houston Outlaws kicked things off with a three-player drop last night. Not to be outdone, the Atlanta Reign wanted to chime in. 

The team initially announced today that it’s parting ways with five players. Supports Christian Ojee Han and Benjamin UltraViolet David as well as damage dealers Charlie nero Zwarg, Lee Venom Dong-keun, and Nicholas Speedily Zou were all dropped from the team on Nov. 11.

Shortly after, the team posted that veteran tank Blake Gator Scott also won’t be joining them in 2023. 

This round of drops was less surprising than other large-scale announcements from teams considering Venom and nero had already posted on social media that they were seeking new teams.   

Two-thirds of Atlantas nine-person roster was wiped out with this singular announcement. 

In 2022, the Reign relied on rookie talent to bolster its ranks and was relatively successful in the endeavor. Overwatch Contenders standbys Ojee and UltraViolet offered the team a stable, consistent backline throughout the year while Venom and Speedilyalso known for their dominance in the Path to Pro scenedelivered destruction in the frontline. 

Nero, one of the Overwatch Leagues most veteran players, was often in the teams regular rotation depending on the hero pools required in each changing Overwatch 2 meta. 

Tank Gator didnt see much play time this season as the Reign overwhelmingly put its stakes in his counterpart, Xander Hawk Domecq, to lead the team. Gator and Hawk have both been with Atlanta since late 2018. 

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