Atlanta FaZe shakes up the dynasty, signs SlasheR for 2023 Call of Duty League season

SlasheR returns to FaZe Clan after seven years away.

The Atlanta FaZe is bringing in a new assault rifle player for the 2023 Call of Duty League season. SlasheR has been revealed as the replacement for Arcitys, Atlanta announced today.

SlasheR will return to FaZe Clan after seven long years and will be completing the roster that has been one of the most successful teams in the Call of Duty League. Since winning back-to-back tournaments during Black Ops 4 with 100 Thieves, SlasheR has gone through a rough patch during the CDL. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Thieves never lived up to their potential while he was on the roster. But SlasheR did win a tournament with the Los Angeles Guerrillas during the Vanguard season, bringing the organization its first Call of Duty trophy. 

Super excited for the opportunity to play with these players under this organization, SlasheR said. Never been so ready for a new season to start.

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Despite winning Major Two this year, SlasheR and his team missed out on the 2022 CDL Championship. The team did not accumulate enough points and finished toward the bottom of the standings, missing the cut-off for Champs. Now, SlasheR has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, from missing Champs to walking onto a team that has never missed a Champs grand final.

Atlanta FaZe and the L.A. Guerrillas seemingly did an even swap of their main assault rifle players by switching Arcitys for SlasheR. This will be the first time SlasheR has teamed with the members of FaZe but he’s no stranger to those on the roster. The Tiny Terrors, Simp and aBeZy, prevented SlasheR from getting his second ring with 100 Thieves and Cellium nearly sent SlasheR and 100 Thieves home early at Champs during Black Ops 4.

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