Atlanta FaZe players attacked with airsoft guns during CDL Major 4

"I have never shit like that before."

Atlanta FaZe players Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris, Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat, and head coach James Crowder were the targets of a scary drive-by attack during Call of Duty: League Major Four in Columbus, Ohio between April 20 to 23. The trio was returning from a restaurant to their hotel on one of the nights when multiple men shouted at them and pulled what looked like airsoft guns from their car and shot at them, aBeZy told his fans during a live stream on April 25. Thankfully, nobody got hurt in the incident.

“We were on the sidewalk pretty close to the hotel and these guys pulled up in a car and screamed,” aBeZy said while recalling the incident. “I turned around and it looked like they had a gun pointing out of the window, but it was an airsoft gun or a Nerf gun or something. They all shot us but thankfully we had our hoodies up so it didnt really hurt. It just felt like something had tapped the back of my sweatshirt.”

ABeZy told his viewers he was in shock and that he had never seen “shit” like that before. The Atlanta FaZe members couldn’t identify who was behind this attackif it were random men or CDL fans pulling a prank on themas the car sped away after firing the airsoft pellets at them. These guns are typically designed to not cause any lasting damage, unless the pellet hits the eye, for example. But luckily, aBeZy, SlasheR, and Crowder were protected by their hoodies.

The CDL Major Four concluded on April 23 with Los Angeles Thieves defeating OpTic Texas by 4-2 in the grand finals. Atlanta FaZe made it all the way to the semifinals, but were defeated by the two finalists throughout the event.

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