Asuna names two strongest contenders in Americas VCT next season

And he has a strong argument behind them.

Two North American teams have been putting in work ahead of the VCT Americas 2023 season, and 100 Thieves’ Asuna sees them as the strongest squads in the competition so far.

The player pointed out Cloud9 and his team, 100 Thieves, as the fiercest competitors next year due to the work both teams have been putting into preparations, he said in yesterday’s interview with Inven Global.

When asked which teams stand out the most to him, he simply answered “us and Cloud9, probably.” He added that the main argument behind that fact is the amount of practice both squads have been having since last month. “Cloud9, just because they’ve been practicing since as early as us. […] Both of us have been practicing since November, and no other team is doing that. Every other team is taking a break,” Asuna said.

When going into details regarding the bootcamp 100T have been having this year, Asuna underlined that the team members are trying to get on the same wavelength to produce the best synergy possible. “We’re just trying to get up to speed and understand how we’re all thinking. Obviously, we are better,” he explained.

100 Thieves are a part of the VCT 2023: Americas League, which begins on March 26, 2023. Before, however, Asuna and crew will be participating in VCT 2023: Lock In tournament, which is scheduled to start on Feb. 13.

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