Asmongold on bots in Lost Ark: ‘I think this is a massive f*****g problem’

"Every server is getting a queue, and real players can't log onto the game."

Lost Ark has a bot problem, and Twitchs most popular MMO influencer Asmongold isnt having any of it. 

Talking to his viewers on stream today, the popular content creator and react streamer brought up Lost Arks active players numbers via the Steam Charts database to explain how botting in the game is ruining the player experience.

Botting in MMOs is commonplace when there are resources that can be easily farmed through automated means. And in Lost Ark, those automated characters have started to prevent real players from getting into the game.

You know whats happening now is every server is getting a queue, Asmongold said. And real players cant log onto the game anymore because theres so many bots, and theres so many people playing, mainly bots, that you cant even do anything.

Asmon then detailed his experience trying to form groups to run instances. After asking people if theyd like to play with him, he said that many of his viewers would say in chat that they cant get into the game because of server queues.

I think this is a huge problem, he said. I think this is a massive fucking problem.

The steady traffic in Lost Ark that is visible via Steam Charts indicates that the game has no cyclical nature to it, which is commonplace in popular games. While some games have more active players than others, the number of gamers online typically ebbs and flows throughout the course of a day. Typically, games will see increased activity in the evening in North America, which is regularly considered peak hours for gaming.

Asmongolds assertion that bots are taking over Lost Ark was largely based on the fact that the game didnt seem to have much or any movement to it. Instead, the game has steadily maintained more than half a million users over the past few days with little fluctuation.

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