Asmongold already has one ‘big concern’ about Diablo 4 after playing the beta

The MMO king has spoken.

Asmongold sank his teeth into Diablo 4s Early Access beta over the weekend, and as weve come to expect from the outspoken Twitch star, he shared his thoughts about it in a lengthy video. He admitted he had a lot of fun, and although he understands the experience was limited since it only allowed players to reach level 25, he has concerns.

The biggest concern, in his view, is it has a surprising amount of simplicity. He felt that way about its predecessor Diablo 3 too, which makes him feel all the more concerned.

I think there’s a very interesting middle ground I’m not sure if Diablo 4 is going to be able to really capitalize on, which is the middle ground it is complex enough for it to be fulfilling for people to overcome the complexities, but simultaneously not as complex as Path of Exile to the point where it is just completely impenetrable for a new person.

That might have been his biggest concern, but it wasn’t the only one. Asmongold is also concerned about the fact he hasnt seen a lot of new systems in Diablo 4 that will make it transformative and different to players who are already familiar with the franchise.

He also has some reservations about the end-game, claiming it looks like it could be repetitive and not fun because there wont be benchmark bosses or enough challenges to keep players like him hooked.

The Twitch star hopes that isnt the case. In fact, despite his harsh words about Diablo Immortal in the past, claiming it ruined his hype for Diablo 4, he admitted he really wants to enjoy the game and still has the itch to play.

He knows the Diablo 4 beta offers limited insight into the experience, but unless the full version has a little more to offer at launch, its simplicity wont win him over.

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