Ashe’s new Overwatch 2 skin has one massive problem but devs are on the case

One more thing to aim around.

While Ashes new Raijin cosmetic might be one to add to your collection, theres one glaring flaw with the skin thats sure to annoy you in your matches.

Players soon spotted the ‘pay-to-lose’ issue soon after the skin was released: When Ashe players aim down their sights (a pretty regular occurrence on the DPS hero) the weapon skin actually blocks a large chunk of the crosshair. The issue happens every time gamers aim down sights, making her weapon nearly unusable.

Fear not though, the Overwatch 2 developers are already looking to fix the issue in an upcoming update. Jared Neuss, one of the hero shooter’s executive producers, shared that the Blizzard devs are already discussing the issue internally.

Blizzard has actually been under a hefty helping of scrutiny when it comes to Overwatch 2 fixes and patches recently, not least of all because of the onslaught of bugs and skin issues that have been plaguing the sequel.

The most recent OW2 update in season three has seen several tanks, including Orisa, Roadhog, and Sigma, being unintentionally nerfed via ongoing ultimate issues. Some issues have already been quashed by Blizzard, including Symmetras turret glitch, while others are being looked at by developers as quickly as possible.

Neuss wasn’t clear where this Ashe issue landed in the queue.

The Overwatch sharpshooter’s Japanese thunder god skin was only released a few days ago, so hopefully the devs have marked it as a high priority.

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