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Artist reimagines Apex Legends characters as dogs

We finally have the counterparts to the cat legends.

An artist has illustrated what she thinks every single Apex Legends character would look like as a dog.

Artist Gale doodled the dogs over the last couple of months. Each breed of dog is intended to (roughly) match the corresponding legend’s size and nationality. Little Wattson, for example, is shown as a tiny French papillon, while Rampart is depicted as a fun-loving pariah dog. Bloodhound is, quite appropriately, a bloodhound. Pathfinder, shown as a robot dog, has “???” listed as his breed. Each dog also has its legend’s accessories, like Loba’s staff and Caustic’s gas mask.

Beyond simply assigning each legend a breed, Gale filled the drawings with personality. Greyhound Octane is rushing to get ahead, while Shiba Inu Valkyrie is literally flying off the ground. The drawings have gained a lot of traction on Twitter, with fans sharing which breeds they think best represent each legend. Gale said she’ll likely go back and shift some of the breeds and redraw some of the dogs in the future.

This isn’t the first time someone has drawn the Apex cast as animals, though. A different artist has been sharing their depictions of the legends as cats on Reddit for a couple of months now. It seems that something about these characters lends itself well to animal art.

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