Arteezy’s return to streaming was the most relatable thing you will see in Dota 2

Zero cliffs were harmed.

After months of absence from Twitch, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev made a highly anticipated return to the streaming platform, captivating Dota 2 fans with a thrilling broadcast filled with epic plays and relatable moments of frustration.

Arteezys livestream on May 16 kicked off with good vibes, but his mood was soon brought down in his first Dota match of the day where he played Alchemist.

Despite picking his hero early, Arteezys team decided to pair his Alchemist choice with the most useless heroes hes ever seen in his life. Throughout the entirety of the match, Arteezy was constantly pressured off the map. Though Shopify Rebellions star player was still able to farm relatively well, the same couldn’t be said for his teammates and the whole lobby eventually ended up being a classic Dota struggle.

However, Arteezy didn’t let his first match get in the way of his Dota 2 session. The carry star went on to play more and continue showing the brilliance in his gameplay.

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While playing as Terrorblade, Arteezy anticipated the enemy team closing in on him and called for help. His backup didn’t arrive quickly though and the enemy team decided to dive Arteezy under his tower. This would turn out to be a grave mistake since Arteezy leveled up to six at the right time and turned the entire gank around with Sunder.

Upon using his ultimate, Arteezys Terrorblade secured a double kill after almost dying to a three-man gank.

Arteezys stream is one of the rarest and most awaited moments in any Dota 2 fans calendar. The player has a history of going live on Twitch only a handful of times throughout a year, underlining the importance of quality over quantity.

We hope you enjoyed this streamit could be a wait for the next one.

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