Arteezy says Dota 2’s massive new patch is a throwback to what the game used to be

It hasn't been that easy for Arteezy.

Dota 2s Patch 7.33 shook the game to its core with significant changes to the game’s map and gameplay mechanics. The update left many players feeling like they’re relearning the game from scratch, and Shopify Rebellions Artour “Arteezy” Babaev was recently asked his thoughts regarding the patch in a DreamLeague Season 19 interview.

Overall, Arteezy seemed quite fond of the new patch. It even made him recall his earlier days in the Dota world, where there were multiple spins on the regular map that came in the form of custom games.

The new map feels like a Warcraft 3 custom game, Arteezy said today. “Like Hell versus Heaven, or Angel Arena.

Before Dota 2 became a standalone game, it was a mod attached to Warcraft 3, and there were countless other takes on it, like the custom games Arteezy mentioned. Apart from the nostalgic touch, Arteezy highlighted that most players were still busy figuring out the patch.

Given the new jungle camps scattered around the safe lanes, the middle portion of the map became more dedicated to brawls, according to Arteezy. Despite liking the overall patch, Arteezy had one complaint, however: the Twin Gates.

The carry player hadn’t appreciated enemy supports suddenly teleporting to his lane for free to take him down, and proposed that the gates could stay locked until the 10-minute mark. This change would give carry heroes more breathing room in the early game.

SR exceeded expectations in the last tournament before the Berlin Major where they had to play without their star player, Abed. Considering the team ended the previous patch with a bang, theyre looking to continue their dominance at the Berlin Major, where many teams will demonstrate their current understanding of Dota 2 Patch 7.33.

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