Arteezy proves he’s still a god-tier Dota 2 player with epic Lima Major snatch

Too easy for RTZ.

Shopify Rebellion has looked impressive in the early stages of the Dota Pro Circuit this season. They racked up six wins and one loss in the Winter Tour and continued that form with a solid three wins and four draws in the Group Stages of the Lima Major.

Their biggest test, however, happened today. They locked horns with TI10 winners Team Spirit in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, and despite losing the first match in 30 minutes, bounced back in the second, forcing their cross-region rivals to a third and final one. Despite getting off to a good start in laning, they lost a crucial teamfight around Roshans pit early. Arteezy was the only survivor, with all five members of Spirit still standing.

But instead of backing down, he waited patiently for the perfect moment to strike as they were chipping away at Roshan, and when it came, he pulled off one of the most ballsy Aegis snatches in Dota 2 history.

The Canadian star activated his BKB, blinked into the pit when Roshan had a smidge of health, landed the perfect ultimate as Shadow Fiend, fearing Team Spirit in the process, finished Roshan, grabbed the Aegis, and teleported back to the base before they could kill him even once.

The casters uproarious reaction said it all really.

Arteezy pulled off the impossible, swinging the momentum heavily back in Shopify Rebellions favor, and they never let it go. The NA powerhouses cruised through the rest of the game and secured the win around the 40-minute mark.

Theyll face the winners of Team Liquid and Talon Esports in the Upper Bracket Semifinals on Mar. 2. As for Team Spirit, theyve been knocked down to the Lower Bracket Round 1, where PSG.LGD awaits them.

And, no matter what happens, they’ve already made Lima Major history.

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