Arteezy highlights key flaw with one of Dota 2’s most used features

Resisting this urge could help you win some Dota 2 games, apparently.

Dota 2 is an intense competitive game that may not always bring out the best in players. Arguments can heat up any match, and thats where the mute button comes in. Dota 2 players have the option to mute each other to keep their peace, but Arteezy revealed that peacekeeper has been putting players at a disadvantage.

Shopify Rebellions star player said that muting players were also blocking some in-game sound queues that can be game-changing. According to Arteezy, it isn’t possible to hear a players buyback sound after muting them. Considering muting the enemy team is a common practice in professional matches due to voice lines and stickers being spammed, competitive players found themselves at crossroads.

Into the Breachs Andreas “Xibbe” Ragnemalm also chimed into the discussion on Twitter, saying that muting a player also made it impossible to tell when they denied a tower.

While these two examples can look like minor in-game elements, they can change the course of a match at the highest level. Hearing a buyback sound can prompt an entire team to retreat, and receiving the deny notification can give away a players location.

Considering the mute function was designed to allow players to cut down on communicative elements like voice, chat, pings, and stickers, this looks like a situation that calls for a bug fix. The buyback sound nor the tower deny prompt can be used to grief players, meaning they shouldn’t be affected by the mute function.

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