Are the 5 MTG New Capenna Precon Commander decks worth buying?

Despite a price hike, some of the Precon decks still hold value.

Launching with the Streets of New Capenna Standard-legal Magic: The Gathering set is a total of five preconstructed Commander decks showcasing two commanders, a collector booster sample pack, and 98 other cards. 

Precon Commander decks are a great starting point for new or returning casual players to the card game. There are a total of five preconstructed Streets of New Capenna Commander decks, each showcasing three-color commanders and gameplay mechanics thematically tied to the five crime boss factions within the NCC set. A Precon Commander deck contains a total of 100 cards, with the New Capenna boxes offering a little extra via a sample booster pack.

Each New Capenna Commander deck comes with a collector sample booster pack that contains two cards. The first is an SNC booster fun treatment Mythic Rare or Rare, with a 20 percent chance of a traditional foil. This card will never have the gilded treatment. And the second card in the collector booster sample pack is a foil golden age or skyscraper Uncommon or Common. 

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WotC prices increased with the release of Streets of New Capenna Commander products, resulting in the preconstructed NCC decks costing between $42 and $55. The increase in price will likely cause some MTG Commander players to skip buying the Precons, purchasing singles for their already existing decks instead. 

For new and casual players, though, the price increase isn’t dramatic. And collectors will likely still get their money out of selling singles, especially if demand in the second-hand market increases due to fewer players purchasing the New Capenna Precon Commander decks. 

The Obscura Operation NCC preconstructed Commander deck likely contains the most value when it comes to selling singles. The gameplay for it looks strategic and fun for casual players needing an MTG Commander deck. And the Obscura Operation deck contains several new Commander cards that are worth money

Riveteers Rampage contains good commanders and is the lowest priced of all five New Capenna Precon Commander decks. This is likely due to the low-cost reprints included in the deck. And the worst of the five might be the Bedecked  Brokers build, also priced at the lower-end like Riveteers Rampage and Cabaretti Cacophony. 

Priced around $50 is the Maestros Massacre New Capenna Precon Commander deck, containing new cards that are worth money and two great commanders. The only downside to the deck is its reprints aren’t worth much money on the secondary market. But the gameplay for the Maestros Massacre NCC Commander deck looks powerful and is likely worth purchasing.

All New Capenna Precon Commander decks will go on sale starting on April 29. Some sites like Amazon are offering pre-purchase sales, especially when buying all five together.

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