Are guns worth an ultimate? Omen players can decide with clever tech in VALORANT

Is this the ultimate Omen trick?

Omen is a mysterious and tricky VALORANT agent that is known for catching enemies off guard. He often pops up behind you or on the site unexpectedly, causing chaos and paranoia in his wake. And there may be even more tricks up the controller’s sleeves that some people weren’t aware of.

A VALORANT player recently shared on Reddit something that’s probably a bit unexpected when it comes to Omen’s versatile ultimate. From the Shadows allows Omen to open a tactical map and teleport to a selected location. While teleporting, Omen will appear as a Shade to enemies. The teleport can be canceled if the Shade is destroyed.

A popular trick with Omen’s From the Shadows ability is to teleport directly on top of the Spike. This allows the cloaked agent to automatically pick it up (unless the other team becomes aware of Omen’s intentions and stands on top of the Spike).

But a VALORANT player recently discovered another possible use for Omen’s versatile ultimate. Apparently, Omen can pick up dropped enemy weapons similar to how he picks up the Spike. The video shows Omen locating a dropped weapon, targeting it on the mini-map, and then teleporting to grab it without moving from his original spot.

To perform this tech, drop your primary weapon so that the new weapon you want to pick up becomes your primary. This will allow you to immediately take off with your new weapon.

While this is most definitely a neat trick, a lot of VALORANT players have expressed that it’s not much more than that. Ultimates are very expensive to purchase, so it seems pretty pricey to use Omen’s ultimate to grab a new weapon instead of flanking the enemy or grabbing the Spike. Others noted that this wouldn’t have as much of an impact on a match as other uses for Omen’s ultimate, joking that it would mostly lead to teammates flaming you for wasting the ultimate.

It may not be the most useful way to implement Omen’s ultimate, but there are definitely specific uses that could come up in a match. It’s also just fun to see creative ways in which ultimates can be implemented that are out of the ordinary.

Despite this tech revelation, however, many players still feel like Omen’s ultimate isn’t as impactful as it could be and are waiting for a buff. Until then, Omen remains a somewhat niche pick that doesn’t always fit into the current meta.

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