Are Dota 2 supports in a healthy spot? Hilarious play from Sneaky may make you think twice

One shot, one kill.

Support heroes are in a completely different state in Dota 2 compared to five years ago. The current state of the game allows supports to save up more gold and purchase impactful items. But former League of Legends pro Sneakys one-shot crit once again put the sad truth of playing as a support in Dota 2 on display.

During a recent stream, Sneaky was playing Dota 2 as Phantom Assassin (PA), and the enemy team was pushing down mid as the ex-League pros team was down to three heroes. 

As the Radiant side was getting ready for a tower siege, Sneaky was in the middle of a discussion regarding the current state of supports in Dota 2. One of Sneakys teammates was mentioning how supports are in great shape right now since they earn a lot more gold. Mere moments later, Sneaky shot a Stifling Dagger toward the enemy Witch Doctor (WD).

The Stifling Dagger in question was empowered by Coup de Grace, PAs ultimate, and ended up one-shotting Witch Doctor. With the critical damage landing, Sneaky burst into laughter while the enemy team was trying to initiate on him. Despite being somewhat distracted, Sneakys team made it just in time to counter-initiate and helped Sneaky turn the fight around under the tower.

While support heroes earn significantly more gold now, the role still features some of the most fragile heroes in the game. No matter how much farm they get, supports will still need to keep an eye open for any potential threats since getting caught will often mean the end of their days until their respawn timer reaches zero or they decide to buy back.

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