Arcane on the dancefloor: Jinx makes her debut in Just Dance 2023

Just dance!

Just Dance 2023 is nearing its release date on Nov. 22. In the final days before the release, the list of upcoming dances has been revealed, including Million Dollar Baby by Ava Max and Heat Waves by Glass Animals. On top of these hits making their debut in Just Dance 2023, Jinx and Arcane will be appearing in the upcoming game.

Revealing tons of new songs making their debut in Just Dance 2023, like Stay Inflatable and Anything I Do, Ubisoft announced that one of the most famous League of Legends champions and Arcane babies will be playable in the game.

Dancing to the Worlds 2021 anthem, Playground by Bea Miller, Jinx is sliding into the game. Although weve already seen collaboration between Riot Games and Ubisoft with More by K/DA, this is Jinxs first dance in Just Dance.

Designed as a hypercarry and released back in 2013, Jinx has always been a unique champion in League. Although her story is inseparable from Caitlyn’s and Vi’s story, we only learned what’s truly happening behind the scenes in the show Arcane. Without spoiling the excellence that’s Arcane, we can only say that the show deals with Jinx’s mysterious origins, her backstory, and how she came to be the Loose Cannon.

Just Dance 2023 is a new game that can feature up to five players in a single lobby. It will have 40 hits you can dance to and show off your dancing skills. The game is releasing on Nov. 22, and it will have new personalized experiences with custom-made sessions and songs, and a fresh user interface that is more intuitive to use. 

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