Apex’s season 13 is live with Newcastle, overhauled Storm Point, and changes to ranked

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Apex Legends’ season 13 is now live, bringing a new contender to the Apex Games and monstrous changes to Storm Point. The Games’ latest competitor, Newcastle, is a defensive character who will do anything to get his squad out of harm’s way, and fans will step into a different version of Storm Point starting this season.

Newcastle, the newest competitor, is coming to the Apex Games to protect his family. After the original Newcastle failed to qualify for the competition and sold his city to a crime syndicate, Jackson WilliamsBangalore’s brothertook on the mantle of Newcastle to protect his city and family.

That will to protect others shows up in his kit, with the legend bringing some unique defensive capacities to Apex. He can shield and carry wounded allies while reviving them at the expense of his knockdown shield, or he can throw in a mobile energy shield that can be redirected. His ultimate lets him leap toward a position or a wounded ally, giving him the chance to turn a fight around (and make a heroic entrance).

Storm Point is also seeing significant changes with the addition of the Downed Beast POI, the corpse of the kaiju-like beasts the legends defeated in the season 13 launch trailer. The map update to the Gaea arena will also add IMC Armories as a new map toy. These completely bulletproof bunkers will have players fight waves of Spectres to get some smart loot after a minute has passed, giving them an opportunity to gear upbut not without a fight.

For the more competitive players, season 13 is also bringing in a slew of changes to the ranked mode, which aim to encourage teamwork. These include changes to kill points, the addition of a demotion system, and a host of other tweaks to the mode.

Apex‘s season 13, Saviors, will run for approximately three months, given Respawn Entertainment’s usual schedule, which means fans have plenty of time to take in everything the new season has to offer.

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