Apex’s long-standing door bug is taking the strategic edge away from Controller legends

This is a serious blow for the class.

Apex Legends players have been dealing with a bug that seriously hinders the strength of Controllers (Catalyst, Caustic, Rampart, and Wattson) for a while now, and they’re getting fed up.

A player shared a compilation of the long-standing bug preventing devices from blocking doors in a May 25 Reddit post.

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Caustic is the main legend affected by this door bug, negating his traps. In the clip, the player shows that Caustic‘s traps can be activated from the other side of doors, in addition to not blocking them. Sometimes, traps even disappear when the door is opened.

The bug also impacts Rampart’s amp barriers. They don’t block double doors, which can be opened as if there was nothing on the other side.

“I haven’t played caustic in a while but used to love blocking doors. Sad to see this is the state of things. Hope Respawn fixes this,” the top comment on Reddit said. “Let’s not forget the best of them all: when you throw a caustic trap at the door and it just gets swallowed by the void, disappearing,” another added.

Apex players have criticized the significant number of bugs and glitches that surround Caustic’s abilities, from his traps to his Ultimate in general.

The Controller class is all about setting up areas to defend, trap, and control the space over the map. That considered, this bug, which has been plaguing the game for a while now, seriously hinders the strategic potential of these legends.

It’s especially the case for Caustic since his traps are his specialty. While the legend was overpowered around the launch of the game, he has progressively drifted away from the meta. Now, his pick rate is only average, according to Apex Legends Status, while Rampart is one of the least-played legends in the game.

It’s still unclear if Respawn Entertainment plans to improve the use of Caustic traps and door movements in the future. On May 11, however, the devs resolved a bug that made Caustic’s traps disappear when thrown in front of closed doors that were then opened, according to its Trello bug tracker.

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