Apex’s Awakening event adds Lifeline town takeover and Valkyrie Heirloom, brings Control to World’s Edge

There's a lot to take in.

Apex Legends fans have a fair bit of content to look forward to when the Awakening event drops next week. The event will add new cosmetics, a Lifeline town takeover, and an Heirloom for Valkyrie. It will also bring back the Battlefield-esque Controlthis time on World’s Edgewhen the event kicks off June 21.

The Awakening event comes shortly after the release of “Family Business,” a cinematic dedicated to Lifeline’s past. Though Stories from the Outlands videos are more commonly seen to explain newer cast members, some of the original legends have received their own cinematics, usually followed by an event. Her heist gear in the video will appear as a skin based on the trailer.


Lifeline’s town takeover will be a clinic located on Olympus, between Garden and Grow Towers. Players can expect their share of close-range firefights within the premises, but taking control of the area can give players a tremendous advantage. In the center of the ground floor stands the Med-bay platform, which can heal players when they stand on it, similar to Lifeline’s D.O.C. Controlling it can be key, though there are plenty of angles to attack it from.

The Awakening event is also bringing back Control, and this time, players can dive into the action on World’s Edge. Lava Siphon will play host to the limited-time mode throughout the event, and it will join the rotation alongside Storm Point’s Barometer and Hammond Labs on Olympus.

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Additionally, players can also get 24 new cosmetics as part of the Awakening collection. Those who do get all items have a special surprise in stock: Valkyrie’s Heirloom, a spear. “This little Viper’s got her mom’s fangs,” she says in the trailer, which hints at the significance of the Heirloom to Apex‘s Winged Avenger. It’s also a take on the Norse mythology from which Valkyrie took her name, since the valkyries also carried spears, according to most depictions.

The Awakening event kicks off on June 21.

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