Apex team uses Valkyrie ultimate from out of bounds for incredible distance

Flying the not-so-friendly skies.

By now, most Apex Legends players are aware Valkyries ultimate, Skyward Dive, can allow teams to land out of bounds atop tall cliffs and other structures. The play, frequently referred to as Oobing, has become standard in higher tiers of play and in ALGS, where teams are sometimes forced to fly into areas with no available place to play. Instead of landing in the open, teams will often land out of bounds above other teams, before dropping on to them, usually with a Gibraltar dome shield thrown down for protection.

But what about using a Valkyrie ultimate from those out-of-bounds areas?

DIGVIBEZZ, a creator for Obey Alliance, showcased the rotation from a scrim lobby on World’s Edge on Twitter yesterday. The distance players can achieve by using a Valkyrie ultimate from this position is incredible.

Instead of landing on top of a mountain with the intention of dropping down onto another team, the team uses the mountains altitude to effectively double the height of Valkyries ultimate. DIGVIBEZZ and his squad take the jump tower outside of Springs End, or the place on the map where Mirage Voyage used to be. Using the jump tower to land on a mountain south of Countdown and Lava Fissure, and due west of Landslide, the team then uses Valkyries ultimate.

The resulting flight path is about as close to jumping from the starting drop ship a second time in a game. The team can easily make it to the northern edge of Skyhook, effectively traversing the northern half of the map with one Valkyrie ult.

Its unclear if this technique works on any cliff found in the games maps, since players must be wary of the out of bounds timer. Players that land out of bounds will see a 15-second timer appear on their screen. If that timer runs down to zero, the player dies. This timer does not reset, either, meaning if a player goes out of bounds for five second earlier in a game, their out-of-bounds timer will count down from 10 seconds. DIGVIBEZZ and his team manage this out of bounds play very quickly, but it still takes about half of their timer to pull off. 

Still, despite the danger of the out-of-bounds timer and an unexpectedly large out-of-bounds area, this rotation should put a few ideas in the heads of Valkyrie mains out there looking to prove the skies really do belong to them.

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