Apex shows off new Nemesis AR and it already looks like the best gun in the game

New best-gun footage just dropped.

Respawn Entertainment gave fans their first look at the upcoming Nemesis AR in action in Apex Legends todayand its looking scary.

Season 16 of Apex, Revelry, is set to launch on Feb. 14. While the anticipated release wont be including a new legend for the first time in the games history, it appears the community will have plenty of other changes and additions to keep them busy.

Newcomers will have Orientation Matches to complete, the Firing Range is receiving some renovations, a new Mixtape LTM playlist is replacing Arenas, and the legend rosters class system is being overhauled entirely.

Changes to the existing weapon meta are also coming, but it seems the main culprit set to bring chaos to the long-established order will be the titles first new weapon in over a year.

As shown in the minute-long clip, the Nemesis is a four-round burst energy assault rifle that deals 17 damage to the body and as much as 29 to the head (without a helmet). The AR has four attachment slots for barrels, optics, stocks, and mags. The purple munitions pick-up takes the Nemesis from a base of 20 rounds up to 32.

The standout feature of the Nemesis, however, is its built-in rate-of-fire ramp-up mechanic. As players burst fire the weapon, which can be held down, the Nemesis rate of fire rapidly quickens to a point that “simulates a fully automatic weapon.” When idle, the rifles rate of fire drops back down. This is all visualized live in a meter located above the weapons ammo.

With all of the specs out of the way, the gameplay of the weaponshowcasing content creator SoaR Dazs beaming targets in the range with easeappears to confirm recent chatter going around from playtesters that the Nemesis is simply going to take over the game in season 16.

Ultimately, with Respawn advertising the Nemesis as a powerful top contender to the VK-47 Flatline and R-301 Carbine, its no surprise that it would want the new AR to be capable of making some major noise. But with its seemingly broken base damage, minuscule recoil, and pristine iron sights, an urgent nerf may already need to be in the works.

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