Apex servers rumble back to life after Respawn rushes out Spellbound hotfix

Respawn brings Apex back to life.

Apex Legends players have had a rough night’s sleep after Spellbound event-fuelled server malfunctions caused the cardinal sin of gaming and esports: connection issues. The thrilling, online, battle royale experience was no longer a hoot for some, as players couldnt access the servers, leading to an empty Broken Moon.

Apexs server issues loomed large on Wednesday, Jan. 11, with players having issues connecting to servers after returning to the lobby. A day later, the issues have reportedly been resolved, according to Respawn on Twitter.

We just pushed a fix to resolve the connection issues players were seeing in the lobby, the developers confirmed on social media late on Wednesday.

As the Spellbound event dropped, so too did the servers. The sheer weight of the player base crashed servers merely hours after its release. The issue was clearly substantial, as it took some time to fix it.

The Respawn devs seemed appreciative of the players patience, adding: Thanks for sticking with us through this, and we hope you enjoy the event!

While this problem may be put to bed, another costly issue remains at the forefront of players’ minds. Other gamers have been reporting their Apex coins arent being placed in their wallets after theyve spent their cold-hard cash on skin-buying credits.

It seems the Respawn devs have a long list of important puzzles to solve before the game is flawless. With any luck, the credit-stealing bug will be fixed soon, and Apex fans can go back to spending their money on all the in-game cosmetics they desire.

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