Apex pros think they have an answer for better practice—but it could be costly

Practice makes perfect, but at what cost?

The ALGS started Split Two on March 11, bringing new compositions and legend picks thanks to one of the largest patches in Apex history. However, despite the need for practice, many pros complain about scrims not being taken seriously, leading to new suggestions that could solve the current motivation issues.

Cutnoid, an Apex content creator, noted the discussions from current North American Pro League players about a vote in the professional Discord server, which suggested an $1,800 monthly fee for each team to participate in scrims.

The idea raised numerous questions from all players involved, who commented on the implementation and amount of teams who could pay the entry fee. NICKMERCS, streamer for FaZe Clan and current player for Tripods in the NA ALGS, called out the unsustainability of the idea, pointing out how only three organizations could realistically pay such a buy-in.

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Many organizations have viewed competitive Apexs sustainability in vastly different lights as of late. While some orgs like Sentinels and FaZe have reaffirmed their continued support for the ALGS, other giants have dropped out from the scene entirely. Team Liquid, G2 Esports, Invictus Gaming, and more organizations have cited EAs lack of internal support for the game, alongside budget cutbacks, as the reasons for their respective exits from the competitive scene. 

With the lack of funding, the smaller number of representative orgs in each region, and the large number of unsigned teams participating in the ALGS, nobody found the idea of paid scrims appealing. NICKMERCS later confirmed the poor reception and results of the poll, with no change in sight to the current state of scrims.

In past years of competition, many pros have voiced their discontent with the status of competitive Apex scrims, calling out the unprofessional and casual attitude that many teams carry while practicing. TSM may have won the Feb. 2023 Split One Playoffs, but were unsatisfied with the international practice they received before the tournament. Raven, the current TSM coach signed back on Aug. 16, 2022, called out how unprepared teams entering scrims was a waste of the teams time, and that the entire block of scrims could have been spent doing something else instead of playing the game.

FURIA Esports IGL Jacob HisWattson McMillin also commented on the issue on his Twitch stream, noting how the battle royale genre has led to players blaming outside factors and bad luck when losing. This causes a snowball effect, where all players in the lobby start to not care about the quality of the scrim or fights, not taking any of the practice seriously.


Despite the lower quality of competition, teams still find themselves entering scrims, with no better alternative for the competitive environment they seek. Scrims are held every weekday for NA and EMEA, with past results showing most of the Pro League teams participating.

The second week of Split Two starts on March 18, at 6pm CT. Fans can watch the action from the official PlayApex Twitch stream and the ALGS Youtube channel.

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