Apex pro gives away over $25K in gaming PCs and other charitable acts to celebrate the season of giving

The ad revenue brought the holiday cheer to multiple community members.

Apex Legends player Jacob HisWattson McMillin recently provided roughly $25,000 in PCs, donated thousands for a BIPOC tournament, and helped fund other good deeds with his Twitch ad revenue this holiday season.

In October, HisWattson announced that he would start running ads on his Twitch channel and spend it on gaming equipment for members of his community who couldnt afford it themselves.

The popular Apex streamer was originally against running ads on his stream but decided to use it as an opportunity to provide for his community. He ultimately teamed up with MSI to bring his idea to fruition, resulting in a positive holiday experience for many. 

Last week, he provided an update, sharing he had about 20 grand worth of PCs that would go out soon. 

A third update confirmed the PCs were sent out, but that $5,000 was used to fund a BIPOC tournament and another $4,000 was used to pay for a dogs surgery. A portion of the money was also used to buy Christmas presents for children. 

HisWattson is also currently running a public giveaway on Twitter for a $2,000 PC, explaining that he already gave around $25,000 in PCs to members of the community but wanted to donate one to the public. 

HisWattson is a professional Apex player for FURIA esports. His team most recently came in 11th place in the ALGS 2022 Split One Pro League – North America and third place at the JBL Quantum Cup 2022 – North America, according to Liquipedia.

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