Apex players praise devs for one unexpected season 17 change

It didn't go unnoticed.

Apex Legends‘ season 17 brought a lot of changes on May 9, but some of them weren’t included in the patch notes. Fans praised the developer for one specific but unexpected tweak, which changed an animation for both Ash and Pathfinder.

Noticed in a Reddit thread earlier today, the healing animation for those two Legends was changed to reflect the fact they weren’t characters of flesh, but of metal.

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The syringe’s appearance was changed for both of them, and the injection now features a more robotic feel. “Legend-specific animations on universal items are such a good touch,” wrote the top-voted comment under the thread.

Other users noticed the fact that Revenant didn’t see the animation change enforced on him despite being a Simulacrum like Ash. It’s unclear why he hasn’t received the change, but Apex fans speculated it could be due to the fact that he might get a rework soon, according to leaks.

The animation doesn’t impact playstyle and it is really just an added detail, but it shows the developer’s effort to increase immersion further with some lore-focused adjustments, in parallel with content addition and playstyle changes.

Season 17 brought a lot more changes to improve the game’s experience on May 9, in addition to new content to discover, such as new Legend Ballistic and battle pass skins.

Those include an improved firing range, a reworked ranking system, the new survival item Evac Tower, as well as more minor changes and bug fixes.

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