Apex player’s hiding spot ruined by their own gun model

Visible camouflage.

A hiding spot in Apex Legends becomes most valuable while trying to improve your placement in the ranked battle royale mode. Commonly known as rat spots in Apex, these tricky areas allow players to blend in and camp while remaining undetected. However, sometimes hiding in plain sight may not go according to plan if you are unaware of certain mechanics, like one player found out on April 27. 

In a Reddit clip posted by u/Tmac8811, we see a Pathfinder hiding behind an open supply bin, with his gun skin glitching out of the top of the loot box. The clip is hilarious as it would’ve been a great place to hide only if the Pathfinder player holstered their weapon. 

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Improvising to find good hiding spots can be a hard task in Apex Legends, especially in ranked matches. Most often you have to hide in plain sight. The back of an open supply bin can be an ideal hiding spot depending on where it’s located.

In the clip, we see that the Pathfinder was hiding in a nice spot, and wouldn’t have been detected otherwise as there was a wall behind the open supply bin. Naturally, opponents wouldn’t have any reason to go around the supply bin to check for enemies. The clip also reveals that Pathfinder’s opponents did not have any recon legends on their team, showing that Pathfinder could have stayed safe by simply holstering the gun.

Seasoned Apex players will know, however, that gun and character models can clip through some “solid” objects in the game. Usually, you can see this when two players have a stand-off on opposite sides of a closed door. In this case, it was just a little loot bin lid that gave everything away.

Ranked matches can be tough, and if you are camping at a rat spot or in the open, make sure to crouch walk, and equip weapons only if enemies start attacking. Survival contributes a lot to the ranked points earned in every match, so when you are playing solo, try to third-party the last fight taking place in the final circle as opposed to being the first aggressor.

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