Apex players discover more abilities that can be placed on Vantage’s bat

Most bats eat bugs. This one creates them.

If you start seeing Horizon ultimates flying around the map in the coming weeks, just know that its the fault of a certain furry, winged creature that made their debut in Apex Legends at the beginning of season 14.

A week ago, players realized that sometimes, heat shields stuck to Vantage. The seeming bug allowed players to run around outside the ring with the heat shield stuck to them, providing them with a moving dome of protection. Eventually, players realized that the heat shields werent sticking to Vantage, exactly, but to Echo, who apparently maintains his presence in the game even when hes recalled to Vantage.

Naturally, Apex players took that logic and ran with it, trying to figure out what else can be stuck to the bat.

Heat shields, it turns out, arent alone in their ability to become attached to Echo. Reddit user DeusBass tested out Echos ability to be a carrier for Horizons Black Hole, and it turns out the Black Hole can not only attach itself to Echo, but he can fly around the map at will. Given the Black Holes ability to pull enemies closer to its center, it turns Horizons ultimate into a flying death trap. Fun!

This isnt the first time Apex has had some unintended consequences to putting a small character you can fly around into the game. Cryptos drone Hack has been the cause of several dev headaches when players figured out they could stick certain things to it, from throwing an arc star onto the drone and flying it into an enemy squad to letting a friendly Rampart put Sheila on top of it and taking her for a ride.

Echo will most likely be getting some bug fixes in the near future to prevent players from abusing some of these strange interactions. In the meantime, just keep an eye out for interstellar events zooming toward you at inhuman speeds.

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