Apex players concerned about more leaked changes to Kings Canyon

Skull Town is back, but at what cost?

At this point, unless youve been completely oblivious to the amount of teasers Apex Legends has thrown at its players over the last several months, you know that Skull Town is returning to Kings Canyons in season 14. But theres also more map changes proposed for the newest update to Apexs original map.

First, lets get to Skull Town. There were magazine teasers in Lifelines Clinic that said the Kings Canyon salvage operation was complete. There was what appeared to be Skull Town in the trailer for the Gaiden event. Now, theres literally a picture of Skull Town in the promotional images for season 14.

Skull Town is for sure back. It looks like a smaller version of Skull Town, with the logo of the Apex games adorning the skull this time. But it seems that New Skull Town will be open for business in a couple weeks.

Thats clearly the centerpiece change of the season 14 map updates, but various leaks and rumors also have changes coming to The Cage, Market, and other places in the center of the map. Reddit user MaxUKBG compiled all of the rumored and leaked changes and even compiled a new minimap, showing several chokepoints blocked up or destroyed, while others are widened or made more accessible.

The Cage has had its upper levels removed, preventing the POI from becoming a contest of who can land at the top the quickest, and Hillside Outpost has been completely removed. Theres also been some significant changes in the caves outside of Market, changing routes and chokepoints, and it appears the narrow pathways between the cliffs in the center of the map, as well as the respawn beacon that was once there, are now completely gone.

The changes have been met with trepidation by both users on Reddit and some of the games pros and content creators, who mostly see the changes as removing potential landing spots and loot from the game. 

How the loot situation sorts itself out with the addition of new POIs and the removal of old ones remains to be seen. And, as with all leaks and rumors, none of these changes are going to come to the game with 100 percent certainty. Theres always potential for changes and inaccurate rumors.

Players will have to see for itself when season 14 kicks off on Aug. 9.

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