Apex players are reaching ridiculous vantage points thanks to Revelry’s celebratory balloons

This definitely seems like an oversight.

Happy birthday, Apex Legends. But what’s with those giant balloons in the sky?

Apex’s 16th season, Revelry, began last week as a celebration of the battle royale’s fourth anniversary. The skies of the game are filled with cute balloons depicting the game’s heroes, but they may be more problematic than they should be.

In a recent Reddit post, a player-recorded video shows that the balloons placed throughout Habitat 4, an old Arenas map from Storm Point, in the new Team Deathmatch mode can not only be reached but interacted with. And there’s seemingly no penalty for it.

In the video, the player uses Ashe’s ultimate ability to reach the top of a Loba balloon on Habitat 4. Another Ashe is already up there. They finish off the kill, but the implications for this are pretty big since only a few character abilities can reach this high on the map.

“Just encountered a whole team using the Longbow from atop these balloons on that map,” said one Reddit commenter. “How are they not considered ‘out of bounds?'”

A simple fix for the balloons would be to make standing on top of them out of bounds and force players off of them, just like any other area of the map deemed too high or far out. So it seems like this may have been an oversight on Respawn’s part.

“Last night we fought a whole squad with these on top with Charge Rifles,” said another commenter. “I was so thankful that my rando teammates did not give up and Ashe portaled their way to the top to kill those snipers.”

It appears that many players are using the balloons to their advantage as things currently stand. It’s something to keep in mind when selecting legends or choosing which weapons to pick in Team Deathmatch, at least until the issue is addressed by Respawn.

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