Apex player makes Vantage’s ultimate fire as fast as the Wingman—and it’s terrifying

Now THAT'S a lot of damage.

There are many weapons in Apex Legends that strike fear into the hearts of players. Usually, Vantages ultimate, Snipers Mark, isnt one of them. Yes, the weapon can dish out serious damage if it hits a follow-up shot on a target its already marked, but it has a fairly slow, bolt-action reload animation and players generally have enough time to get behind cover once theyve been hit by the first bullet from the Snipers Mark before an enemy Vantage can get the double damage bonus on the second shot.

That is, unless there was a way to fire the Snipers Mark at almost the same fire rate as the Wingman. And, because this is Apex, of course theres a way for that to happen.

Reddit user CaptainBlondiee broke down a TikTok from Apex player LuminousFrost earlier today in which LuminousFrost gets double-tapped by an enemy Vantage in lightning-quick succession. CaptainBlondiee was able to replicate that Snipers Mark fire rate in the Firing Range, and the technique is completely devoid of hacks or even a significant exploit. Instead, its simply a matter of timing.

Snipers Mark functions much like the games other bolt-action sniper rifles, the Sentinel and the Kraber. After every shot, the gun must be reloaded manually by your character, which occurs in a brief animation that takes more time between shots than pretty much every other gun in the game. When the Sentinel and Kraber are empty, the animation that plays instead is your character fully reloading the guns magazine.

The Snipers Mark rifle has no magazine reload animation since it’s an ultimate that gains bullets through ultimate charge. And when you empty the Snipers Mark available bullets, there are no extra ones in your inventory to reloadhence, no magazine reload animation. 

CaptainBlondiee figured out that timing the last available round in Snipers Mark to shoot at the precise moment that another Snipers Mark bullet is about to charge up allows you to skip over Vantages bolt-action reload animation completely and effectively give you two shots in rapid succession. Put together and with a bit of luck in terms of what armor and helmet an enemy has, its possible to lay down more than 200 damage with the Snipers Mark in under a second. 

Of course, this tech is probably more luck in the heat of battle than it is an intentional attempt from an enemy Vantage to gain the upper hand. The window to accomplish the Snipers Mark double tap is very small and players in an actual game are rarely going to be keeping track of the time between their bullets like this.

Still, LuminousFrosts TikTok shows that, even accidentally, the fast-firing Snipers Mark can happen in your average pub match. And that should be enough to make you think twice about re-peeking that Vantage on the other team.

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