Apex player hilariously falls off map during finisher, saved by teammate’s self-sacrifice

A well-placed portal got the job done—but at a cost.

Some people might not like to admit it, but Apex Legends is a team game at its core.

Reddit user -_-Giova-_- proved just how valuable teammates can be in a clip posted to the social media platform earlier today.

The clip begins with our antagonist, playing as Valkyrie, jump-padding toward a downed Octane, who desperately attempts to crawl away with a golden knock-down shield. Valkyrie goes for the finisher, and as the legends animation spins out of a kick, the pair tumble off the edge of the map. Viewers can hear an audible yell from the player as they realize the end is nigh.

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But despite their impending doom, the Valkyrie player chooses not to cancel the finisher as they’re falling. They somehow remain alive, even after the full length of the animation, and immediately enter Valkyrie’s jetpack mode in an attempt to fly back to the edge of the map. Their fuel slowly ticks down, and it becomes increasingly obvious the distance is too great for the Valkyrie player to make it on their own.

That’s where the power of friendship comes in.

Right as the fuel indicator hits rock-bottom and Valkyrie stutters out of her passive, our protagonist looks up to see their teammate, who’s playing as Wraith, falling off the map toward them. Suddenly, the Valkyrie player is portalling to safety, and their Wraith is transformed into a death box on the side of the map. The clip ends with both players laughing hysterically as they take in the full extent of what just occurred, while their third teammate goes for a nearby respawn beacon. A noble sacrifice, indeed.

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