Apex player discovers a Titanfall speedrunning movement tech

Want to go even faster in Apex? First, find a gondola.

Apex Legends is a game full of running and gunning, and thanks to its much-celebrated movement system, there are entire communities devoted to making that running part faster and faster. Discovering new movement techniques in the game is all part of the fun for many players. One player and YouTuber discovered an old movement tech in Apex, which is technically older than Apex itself.

Welcome to snugglesliding.

As Titanfall 2 veteran zweek explains, snugglesliding is actually an old speedrunning technique from Respawns predecessor to Apex. It involves sliding onto a platform thats moving in the opposite direction of the player, giving the player a significant speed boost. In this case, zweek realized that an inverse snuggleslide was possible on the gondolas of Worlds Edge.

While inverse snugglesliding is usually tool-assisted in Titanfall 2, according to zweek, it appears that players can perform the movement tech in Apex without the need of a computers aid. Players can slide onto a gondola moving in the opposite direction of a player, nearly parallel to the gondola side platform, and then do a tap-strafe almost instantly upon touching the gondola. Turning a full 180 degrees, players can achieve a massive speed boost thanks to the interaction with the gondola.

How significant is the speed boost players can get by performing the inverse snuggleslide on a gondola? Zweek theorizes the maximum velocity players can achieve off of the gondola is about 750, which nearly puts it in the ballpark of a player bouncing off of an Octane jump pad. For a running slide jump on no slope, its probably about as fast as a player can get without using any other movement abilities.

Snugglesliding, while clearly a strong movement tech, is probably too situational to get too much attention from the developers. There are only gondolas at two POIs on one map in the game and the inputs look so precise that it doesnt seem like it will become a target for developers to patch out, like punch-boosting. But if Respawn does finally go ahead and nerf tap-strafing like it talked about doing for the last year, this tech might become impossible for players to achieve.

For the time being, however, the speed demons of Worlds Edge just got a new toy to play with. Go forth and snuggleslide, legends.

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