Apex Mobile’s season 2 brings Kings Canyon, new modes, and new legend Rhapsody

Skull Town included.

Apex Legends Mobile is finally getting the franchise’s first map with the release of season two, Distortion. The new season is also bringing in new modes, a new deathmatch map, and the next mobile-first legend, Rhapsody.

Kings Canyon was long expected to join the game alongside the release of Apex Mobile, but Respawn Entertainment pushed back its launch. Now, though, the franchise’s iconic map is debuting in Apex Mobile alongside Skull Town, as seen in art on the official patch notes page. Players who dive into Kings Canyon can also find special VIP tickets for Rhapsody’s concert, according to the page, though it’s unclear what they will do.

Respawn will also bring two new game modes to the mix: Gun Game and Hack. Gun Game is similar to CS:GO’s Arms Race mode, where players must shoot their way through weapons at their disposal. The match ends with the most points acquired or by getting three melee kills.

Hack, on the other hand, splits players into two teams: hackers and defenders. Hackers must take control of one of two points in the area to activate a weaponized orbital satellite. After the hackers take three points, the orbital laser will fire. The defenders must stop them or they’ll be obliterated by the defense system.

With the release of season two and the addition of the new modes, however, Arenas will be benched and “will be back at a future date,” according to Respawn.

Aside from Gun Game and Hack, Team Deathmatch is also getting a new map, Pythas Block Zero. The new arena is located above Solace and houses offices for high-end executives, as well as the Pythas Arcade.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Players can check out Kings Canyon, Rhapsody, and more when Apex Mobile‘s season two, Distortion, debuts today.

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